In the Harem

In the Harem
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Odalisque Definition

ODALISQUE: A slave-woman who is a member of an oriental harem, especially one in the harem or seraglio of the sultan of Turkey. The word is the French adaptation of the Turkish odaliq, formed from odah, chamber or room in a harem. Or A slave-woman who is a member of an oriental harem, especially one in A female slave or concubine in the Sultan’s seraglio or a Turkish harem; one of the ladies of the harem, of whom the Sultan has personal knowledge.

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Greek Odalisque

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Harem Beauty

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Slave Mercahnt

Bath of the Odalisque

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Harem scene

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Harem Dancers

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Harem bath

Women in the Seraglio

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The dancer

A Harem Scene

Light of the Harem

Eastern Spices

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Harem Bath

Harem Gossip

The Pasha's Concubine

Howdah of the Harem

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In the Harem

The Deposed Favourite

Inside the harem

Harem Girl

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